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Bolorsoft LLC is a professional software development company consisted of high qualified engineers educated in Germany. Our focus is computational language and AI based software development. We have great experience of 12 years. We provide offshore software development, maintenance, enterprise system, and software localization services for Mongolian and foreign companies based on our solid technical knowledge and discipline of engineers.

Every single service we deliver is based on the research and is met the worldwide standard of software implementation. Bolorsoft is offshore and outsourcing company head-quartered in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We are also reachable in Aachen / Germany and Washington D.C / USA. We provide quality and professional web design, web development, offshore website development and offshore software outsourcing services.

Our advantages

The main advantages of the Bolorsoft LLC comparing to other companies are that with the ability of qualified professions the developments (R&D) are baised on researches and they produce dependable, accredited and primitive software products.

Know-How: We have been focusing Natural Language Processing for Mongolian language since 2008. We have built the first Mongolian morphological transducer. Currently, we are focusing on natural language understanding.
The first fully automatic media monitoring system and automatic trend detection systems are also developed by us. We released the first automatic speech recognition system and text synthesizing systems. Currently, we own the largest sentence corpus of Mongolian language.

Research and Development: We are first Mongolian R&D Company: aim to be innovative in Science and Technology.

Reliable Partner: Since 2008, we stands strongly for the quality in wave of information technology evolution. Bolorsoft company can assure the most faithful and reliable operations based on the experience and industry knowledge.

High Quality: Our production and service follows international standards such as documentation, engineering discipline, etc.. Which means we deliver our product to clients "more than the quality".

Professional: Bolorsoft consists of engineers and employees who are majored themselves in Germany and the mongolian leading software architector works as the consultant of the company.

Foreign Collaboration: We are able to operate at the international level will be our permanent representatives of the world first, without the delays of media and technology development, in Mongolia, working in the United States and Germany. Therefore, customers are offered the opportunity to Mongolia services provided in Germany and the United States.


  • The Start

    Bolorsoft LLC was established by Badral Sanlig.

  • Prime product

    Our first product which is online bilingual dictionary named Bolor-toli was released.

  • Membership

    Becomes a member of Incubator program of National Information Technology Park of Mongolia.

  • Collaboration with Germany

    Collaborates Aachen RWTH University in Research and Innovation department.

  • Leading company award

    Bolorsoft is selected as a “Leading” company of Incubator Programme of Information Technology Park.

  • Best IT company award

    Has awarded the exaltation of “The best company of the information technology sector of Mongolia” by Institute of Research on Competitiveness in the Sector of Information, Communication and Computer networks.

  • Graduation of Programme

    Outstands as a best graduated company of Incubator Programme of Information Technology Park of Mongolia.

  • Mongolian traditional script fonts

    Invents Mongolian traditional script fonts, which is satisfied with international standards and aquires a copyright officially.

  • The first web page with mongolian traditional script unicode font

    Crafts the Mongolian script web page for official website of president of Mongolia. It was the pioneer web programming that is solved by unicode standard.

  • Mongolian spellchecker

    We developed mongolian spellchecking software based on our morphological analysis.

  • Product to international market

    Xslides is the Next Generation Presentation Approach, changing the classical way of creating and showing the presentations.

  • CEBIT 2015 Participant

    Participated in CEBIT which is the world's biggest IT expo with our XSlides presentation software.

  • Products based on machine learning

    Based on our R&D approach, produced the new media intelligence web based software.

    Released fully automatic online media monitoring tool.

    Bolor duran spellchecker upgraded and integrated with whole standard Microsoft platforms such as all versions of Microsoft office.

  • Unicode Encoding for Mongolian script

    We have specified the "Refined Model" to fix Unicode encoding for Mongolian script. Full specification and tools are open and publicly available under web page.

    We participated to all Unicode meetings since 2017 and reported all issues and submitted number proposals for correction.

  • Mongolian Voice processing

    We built the first ever Mongolian automatic speech recognition and voice synthesizing systems and delivered to Mongolian market.


Web Engineering

Enterprise system development

Software architect and advice

Software architecture allows approved survival rates and the quality of the software. Software architecture is expected to provide a structure consistent with the technical and operational requirements of all the software that is the process of determining a solution.

Outsourcing and International Outsourcing

Taken a fierce competitive business environment, successful companies operating in secret, the quality, cost savings by the time his job is to perform. We have all kinds of organizations are focusing on cost-effective information technology department and work.

Software Localization

Mongolians to get any product or service need to be proficient in foreign language. To his website, software, mobile phone function of mother tongue is granted to use without that, to Mongolians.

Online Advertising

In Mongolian, with the widespread use of the Internet in just 6 years, but individuals and businesses become highly dependent on the Internet, as well as daily receive much more information. This is expected to stimulate even more

Blog 2015-05-16


Traditionally, our company is involved because all ICT Expo 2015 exhibition coming up in our company by visiting our Explore the products.

Blog 2015-05-12


Dear customers, "Bolor Duran" our spellchecking software is pleased to announce that releasing version 1.6. This release made the following updates.

Blog 2015-04-21


Bolorsoft, featured the world's largest information technology exhibition held in Hanover, Germany, CeBIT 2015 participated with XSlides web-application, the first step to make our products in the world and has been successful.


Bolorsoft is a growing innovative company, so we are searching reliable, long-term working crafts. If you meets following requirements, please contact us. We offer following.

  • Personal development chances
  • Friendly staff which helps to create a positive working atmosphere
  • Possibility to work on varying interesting international projects
  • Performance-oriented payment

Вэб хөгжүүлэгч / Вэб дизайнер

Орон тоо 2, Шаардлага:

  • График дизайны өндөр мэдрэмжтэй (Фотошоп болон Флашыг гартаа оруулсан)
  • Мэргэжлийн төвшинд эмблем, лого, дарцаг эмхтгэл үүсгэх чадвартай
  • HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript-ийг сайн эзэмшсэн, W3 стандартаар вэб хөгжүүлэх чадвартай
  • PHP хэлний мэдлэгтэй (JAVA давуу тал)
  • MySQL өгөгдлийн сангийн системүүдтэй ажиллаж чадах
  • JQuery фрэймворктой ажилладаг
  • Түргэн суралцах чадвартай

Програм хангамжийн инженер

Орон тоо 1, Шаардлага:

  • Програм хангамжийн инженерчлэлийн өндөр ойлголттой, инженерчлэлийн дэг жаягийг барьдаг
  • Обьект хандалтат болон агийл програмчлалын өндөр мэдлэгтэй
  • Системтэй сэтгэдэг, эмх цэгцтэй
  • Багаар ажиллах чадвартай
  • J2EE эсвэл EE6 платформын баттай мэдлэг ба туршлагатай
  • Англи хэлний сайн чадвартай

Програм хангамж хөгжүүлэгч


  • С++/Жава хэлний өндөр мэдлэгтэй (EE6 хөгжүүлэлт хийх чадвартай бол давуу тал)
  • Обьект хандалтат програмчлал
  • Програм хангамжийн инженерчлэлийн мэдлэгтэй
  • Багаар ажиллах чадвартай

Англи хэлний орчуулагч

Орон тоо 2 болон түүнээс дээш.

  • Англи аман болон бичгийн өндөр чанартай орчуулга хийх чадвартай
  • Монгол бичгийн мэдлэгтэй
  • Бакалавраас дээш зэрэгтэй (эсвэл түүнд тун ойр байж болно)

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